Unreliable Narrator Theater Group

Strange, homemade small theater in Boston, founded in 2008.

"The future is here, and Unreliable Narrator's unique style is the new present in Boston's fringe theater scene."
--My Theatre


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New Youtube Sunday: Psychic psychotherapist Krista (Laura DeCesare) sets appropriate professional boundaries with one of her ghost clients (Crystal Lisbon) in this clip from “The Way of the Warrior-Bunny.”

Here, now, the assemblage of skilled sci-fi theater artists that will make Human Contact look awesome on the stage.

LIGHTING: “Hack, Punt, Tool” alum and MIT theater veteran ALLISON SCHNEIDER.

SOUND: Returning “Paranormal” alum and Post-Meridian Radio Players veteran NEIL MARSH.

COSTUMES: Returning “2010” veteran and costumer for Flat Earth’s recent all-dystopian season CARA CHIARAMONTE.

SET: Returning “2010” veteran and set designer for Gold Dust Orphans, Hovey Players, and more J.P. NADEAU.

MAKE-UP: Theatre @ First and Post Meridian Radio Players veteran ZEPH WORKS.

Unreliable Narrator announces auditions for HUMAN CONTACT: SHORT SCI-FI PLAYS, an evening of five original 20-minute comedies and dramas featuring aliens, time travel, self-directed evolution, and more. Eighteen non-Equity actors of all races, genders, ages, and ethnicities will be cast. Performances will be at Boston Playwrights’ Theatre on July 11-13 and 17-19. Small stipend available.

Auditions are April 28 and 29 at 7-10 PM, with callbacks on the evening of April 30, at Responsible Grace Church off Davis Square, 52 Russell Street, Cambridge, MA. Rehearsals will begin in May or June. Tech is on the evenings of July 6-10.

Audition time slots are available on both April 28 and 29 at 7, 8, or 9 PM. Send your resume/headshot to humancontactauditions@gmail.com along with your top two time slot preferences. Actors should bring a monologue and be prepared to read sides from one or more of the shows.

Character descriptions are available at http://untg.tumblr.com/hccharacters

These five plays, and these directors, make up the Voltron of HUMAN CONTACT: SHORT SCI-FI PLAYS, coming your way this July 11-19 at Boston Playwrights’ Theatre. Here they go:

REEVOLVING. An accident wipes the memories of one human and two aliens alone on a space station. Who are they and what are they to each other? Directed by THOMAS P. KEE.

BUCKET LIST. A time-travelling overachieving grad student must tackle questions of love and family while dodging a jealous academic rival, all out of linear order. Directed by ANDY HICKS.

ANY BURDEN. A young bar-hopper becomes a pawn in a high-stakes peace negotiation, and his only chance at freedom lies in making a telepathic connection with a starship captain with a tortured past. Directed by LIZ ADAMS.

THE NANOBOTS. A human and an alien decide to give an intimate relationship a go with the help of advanced nanotechnology. Will they make it? Directed by WANDA STRUKUS.

REAL. A retired veteran from the losing side of a war uses virtual reality to make a fresh start, but how long can he keep going before he is exposed? Directed by AMY BENNETT-ZENDZIAN.

Gosh folks…you just have to audition for these directors. You can do so on APRIL 28 & 29. Full audition info can be found here.

Kate (Kamela Dolinova) and Dehnise (Emily Taradash) talk about religion, and it gets all sexy.

New Youtube Sunday. Tony Moschetto: Holidays and Superfreak. Stand-up comedy from the man behind K’Tharr’s greatest foe.

"You failed the MC…"

New YouTube Sunday: Jenny and Cory lead a very refined dance class in “The Dance Class.”

New Youtube Sunday—“Points” from a 2009 UN podcast. Haven’t you ever wanted to be rated by your blind date in realtime? Becca A. Lewis has lived the dream.

Unreliable Narrator seeks directors for an upcoming evening of short modern original sci-fi plays, 15-20 minutes in length each. Performances will be July 11-19 at Boston Playwrights’ Theatre. Auditions will be in April (in the Somerville area, dates TBD). Rehearsals will be in May/June. Send your resume to Carl at our company email address, unreliablenarrator at ymail.com (not gmail). Small stipend available.